Saturday, May 26, 2012

33 Weeks Pregnant

How far along today?: In this picture I was 33 weeks and five days.  It was before I met your Daddy at the lake to fish overnight.
Growing?:  I do believe you are running out of room but yes you are still growing.  I am interested to see how big he is at the next growth scan.  
Best Moment of the week:  That would have to be when your Dad and I went fishing overnight and caught 12 catfish!  Definitely up there in our records.  But even almost 8 1/2 months pregnant I was able to reel in a 15 pound fish!
Worst moment of the week:  I guess I have come to that time in my pregnancy where I really have some things to complain about.....although I have promised your Daddy and Grandma Bunny that I would stop.  This week was rough to say the least.  My "phlegmy" morning sickness has made its return with a vengeance nearly everyday I am having some sort of nausea or dry heaves from all of this darn phlegm.  And to top it all off I believe I had a stomach bug at one point too cause on my way to the doctor I got SICK!! All over the inside of my car, all over me and it was nasty!!
Your Daddy was my knight in shining armor that day, he came and found me on the random street I had pulled onto, brought me a change of clothes and cleaned my car enough for him to take it home and then let me take his to my doctor so he could deep clean mine for me. HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY?!?!
But on the same token your Daddy has an uncanny and all to frequent to be accidental way of making Mommy just about pee her pants.  He has been a little too funny lately, I think he is going out of his way to make me do it!!
Cravings:  Frish's Big Boys and their Diet Vanilla Cokes.
Movement?:  Oh yes, like I put on the pic when I roll to my left side you have an absolute field day.  When I am sitting at work doing paperwork you are one disgruntled baby because I am leaning over a desk taking away some of your limited space, and trust my ribs can verify this.  And we do believe you have started to drop, because I have a lot of constant pressure where I have never had pressure before.
Still nauseous?: As mentioned above. YUCK!
Belly Button Popped?:  No it has not popped but I am able to invert it myself recently.
Wedding rings on or off?:  Off but on a necklace.
Mood:  Tired and defeated a lot of the time.  Sleep has become a rarity, I get it wherever and whenever I can.  Sometimes when I am snuggled up with your dad who has no trouble going to sleep, I just wanna pinch his nose to wake him and be awake with me, but he can be far more grumpy than I on little to no sleep.  And the feelings of defeat are just because I wanna meet you soo bad, and the farther along we get the more symptoms I have and the more the doctor says, "Oh it's normal."  GRRR.  

 This week we got your carseat and stroller in the mail!!! WAHOO!! This officially means we can take you home from the hospital!! We just love it and Mommy is itching to have the carseat put in my back seat!  Your Daddy and I have already been daydreaming about taking you on your first walk around the neighborhood in the stroller and have already been thinking about easier ways to get that stroller to the lake.

Another goody came this week!  Your diaper bag!! I am beyond excited about this one!! I was soo happy when I saw my old company 31 still sold this bag in this pattern because it matches your room so well.

In other news your dad and I also picked out your outfits to wear while in the hospital and for your hospital pictures.  I let your Daddy be the sole person to pick out your outfits for the pictures and he did a great job! So later this week if I get some time with my crazy different work schedule we will get all of your hospital things put into this bag and have it waiting and ready for "D-DAY!"

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