Wednesday, June 6, 2012

35 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 35 weeks and 4 days
Growing?: Oh yes!! There is no question.  I can feel him getting bigger by the day!
Best Moment of the Week?: Knowing that we will get to see him again at our growth scan on Monday.
Worst Moment of the Week?: That would have to be left blank this week.  I honestly cannot think of anything bad that happened.
Cravings:  I have really wanted ice cream and sweets still but I cannot wait to get my hands on something greasy either!
Movement:  Of course!  The doctor and I think he keeps wedging his shoulders into my pelvis which is waking me up some nights causing a little pain.
Still Nauseous?:  Not so bad this week, mainly GERD.
Belly Button Popped?:  Not quite but it is definitely getting flatter and flatter and when I lay down it looks completely flat.
Wedding Rings on or off?:  On a necklace.
Mood:  Overall I have been tired, but happy.  The bigger I get the more it sinks in that he will be here VERY SOON!

Our doctor told us this week that after our growth scan on Monday the Nurse Practitioner will be testing us for Group B Strep and also checking my cervix for any thinning or dilation.  If there is any present she said she will go ahead and schedule for an induction at 39 weeks unless the ultrasound still shows a super large baby, then we will have more to discuss.

From what I have been told at work I have really dropped.  Which I cannot deny considering I take a sip of water and I am about to pee my pants.  I am trying to get a really good comparison shot put together as I type, but it is proving harder than I thought.  

Also we have another baby shower coming up on the 16th which we are really looking forward to.  

Welp I know I will be in touch.  I will probably post the comparison picture on Friday.

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