Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How I Organize My Planner Supplies

This week I thought I would choose to use Wife Wednesday to share my planner supply organization system.  I know I am not the only one with this problem.  You start into a hobby and as you accumulate things you run out of space to put them, or they begin to take over a certain room in your house.  Well I have organized my "stuff" into one little cart in my bedroom.  But what I have done is organized my most used things into this bag that I can just pick up and go.

I found this bag at Hobby Lobby and waited until it went on sale since every other week things are 50% off.  It is made by The Paper Studio.  And needless to say it is grey chevron so it is perfect!  I think I scored it for $20!

Now to delve into what's inside.

I found this date stamp at Target in the Dollar Spot, before it became Bullseye's Playground.  I use it to mark on my calendar when I plan out the next week.

This is the pouch where I keep all of pens and Papermate Flairs.  It also holds my scissors and exacto knife that I use to cut out my own homemade stickers occasionally.

This is my church journal/devotional journal.  When I don't have it out on Sunday's it stays in this bag so it is easy to find since I am in it almost daily.

I also keep my Bible in this bag as well, it just goes hand in hand with my devotional. This was a gift from Chris and I absolutely love it.  He got us each one the day we were baptized.  On top of it is one of my Erin Condren bookmarks, it is an extra that I will use to mark my spot I left off at in my Bible.

Next is my planner.  I got my Christmas cover in the mail last week. I got this for free from Erin Condren with using my 5th order code!

Next I have a 31 zipper pouch I use to store all of my planner covers. I love the little collection I have accumulated and I love it even more that I only really paid for one of them, the others were bought with coupon codes or gift cards.

Next I have my accordion files I bought at Target from the dollar spot and office supply section I have them organized in a way that makes sense to my brain, I will go through that at another time. 

And in one of my side pockets I will often keep my most recent GrooveBook so that I can coil clip in some of the most recent cool memories.

In another side pocket I keep these booklets I got from Michael's.  I like to use them mainly for my monthly spreads to mark important things or full day events.

And lastly I keep a business card for one of my favorite Etsy shops Finch & Sparrow Prints.

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