Monday, December 7, 2015

Our First Week With Christopher Pop-In-Kins

Our elf Christopher Pop-In-Kins has returned from the North Pole!  

Let's take a recap on his shenanigans for the last week!

On the first night, 11/30, we opened our first gift from our advent calendar.  And it was our Christopher Pop-In-Kins book!  Alex loved listening to it for the first few minutes so we highlighted the important parts for him.

When Alex woke up the next morning, 12/1, Christopher had made the long journey from the North Pole!

He brought him a super nice note, which Alex carried around the whole day!  He even took it to bed with him!

The next morning, 12/2, we found Christopher in a bit of a predicament.  It appears as though he was looking for a DVD, or maybe a particular picture?  He got trapped in under this cover in my old picture storage discs.  

The next morning, 12/3, we found him on a zipline of Christmas lights. Our mistletoe is at the end of the line.  Maybe he was wanting a kiss?

On the morning of 12/4, we found Christopher on our tree.  On Thursday Alex and I spent the day shopping with my mom and grandma.  My mom bought me this beautiful Christmas tree topper and we got home too late to be able to put it up that night, well it seems Christopher knew how much I wanted it up so he it took it upon himself.  He can be so helpful!

On Saturday morning, 12/5, we woke up to find Christopher in this position.  He must have heard how scared Alex was of the noises the dryer was making the night before. He found my washi tape and taped the door shut but also sat and stood guard with one of Alex's mini nerf guns.  (PSA: If your son is obsessed with nerf guns like mine, he may have a massive freak out to find his elf playing with his "pow-pows.")

And Sunday morning, 12/6, as we were getting ready to walk out the door we went to pour Alex a glass of chocolate milk and found Christopher in the fridge hooked onto the chocolate milk.  I think he was thirsty.  

It has been a super fun week! We can't wait to share the next week with you!

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