Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 2. What makes me uniquely me?

Well I am going to take the easy way out for today...  I am uniquely me because of the perfect circle of a birthmark I have on my right pinky finger.  I have been teased and made fun of by my family for as long as I can remember calling it a "poop stain."

My next trait would be my incredibly large nose and forehead....but many people have the same problem, as I have grown to except since my younger years. 

And I would say that my personality makes me unique, however as I have been told, and have realized myself, which is VERY scary, I am a dead ringer for my mother in that department. 

And I can't even claim my brain tumor is something that makes me uniquely me......because thousands of people have the same one.... and my IH is not my own either, but I am thankful that there are people who have this disease that I can share my experience with and consult what I am going through with. 

One thing I can claim that makes me uniquely me, is the amazing man I am married to and the lovely home we live in.   No one else can claim those things, well except his parents and our mortgage company lol.....

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