Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 5. Thank you letter

So my task today is to write a letter to someone who made my heart come alive.  There are many people who have touched and affected my life in good ways and bad, but no one has changed it like my husband.

Dear Cheese,

    When we met back in 2006 I was going through a rough patch in life to say the least.  The important people know what that is, you being one of them.  I am not ashamed to say I was going through therapy then, you know this, and my therapist strongly advised that I just take some time to be me, find out who I really was, and avoid any serious relationships. 

     My therapy sessions had ended and things felt like they were going straight back to normal, I had left my old school where all of my friends were, and started at a new school, which made all of my family happy, but I felt like I was drowning because I had lost contact with my old friends, and had yet to make them where I was.

     A few weeks into the quarter I had a made a few friends in my homeroom, and was beginning to see the light at the top of the lake.  Then I met you.  You were the hand that was reaching through the water to pull me out.  I immiediately felt like you were a long lost friend, like I had known you all along.  I can remember those 3-4 hour conversations where I feel like I practically spilled my heart out to you. 

   Suddenly weeks had passed by and I was happy all the time.  I no longer felt like I had 100 pounds of blah sitting on my chest.  My heart was beating out of control., I no longer felt like sitting in my PJ's all the time, and I felt the urge to be active again.  You made care about my self-appearance, and about how I treated my body.  But most importantly I felt like I could trust someone other than my family again.  It wasn't long until I had a feeling in my heart I had never felt before.

   When you love your family your heart doesn't change because they have always been there, they have loved you tremendously since before you even knew them.  However when you find your first love it gallops for a while.  Slowly but surely that gallop stops and you find yourself alone and without what you thought was your, "one and only."  I was at this part of my life prior to you.  After spending time with you, I suddenly felt like my heart was growing, like it had doubled in size and wanted to explode, because it was so filled with emotion.  I did not know it then but this is the way your heart should feel when you meet your soulmate. 

   Five years and a wedding later my heart still feels this way, because of you.  Even on the days when I may strongly dislike you, I cannot hide or lie that my heart still feels like it is going to explode.  I cannot lie that everytime you kiss me feels like our first and that everytime you hold me in your arms I feel like I am in heaven.  I have never felt more safe in this world than I have with you.  I have never felt more alive than these last five years. 

     As cliche as it sounds, the fire in my heart has grown into a raging forest fire with no hope of it ever being extinguished.  I will always be indebted to you for this.  I have told you many times, I do not know where I would be had I not met you.  I do not know that I would have been able to conquer all of the hardships I have experienced over these last 5 years had you not been there.

    So I have written this to thank you for EVERYTHING.  I have written this to tell you no matter how often we bicker or fight, or no matter how much things may change, my heart will always be alive.  I will always know what true love is because of you. 

Until death do us part,

Mushroom Swiss     

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