Monday, October 10, 2011


On Saturday night we went to a really good friends house for a bonfire. It was SOO much fun! I was the DD for BC and myself so it was his night to have fun.

Well BC has never been much of a drinker but Saturday let's just say he was having a blast. I had bought a smaller bottle of his favorite vodka. Well when I took the bottle away for the last time it was over 3/4 way gone.

That was the most I had ever seen him drink. The car ride home for him was not the best......

When we got home he wanted to take a shower, well it can get very slippery especially when you don't have complete control of your body.

I went into the bedroom to grab my pajamas and then heard a loud boom and BC yell. (Now one of my biggest fears is falling in the shower and getting seriously injured.) I ran back into the bathroom and saw he was ok. Then I was able to bust out laughing.

The shower has a track where the doors used to go, needless to say that is what he fell on. He hit so hard he bent the door track.

The bruise in his leg just keeps getting darker and darker but I will put an original pic of it below.

As it gets darker and causes him more pain I feel bad for him but it was his own fault.

Well talk to you soon!

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