Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 4 A pic of you in your favorite outfit....

So I am a little late in getting this up but none the less here it is....

Apart from my wedding dress being my favorite outfit I had a hard time narrowing it down... I feel my best when I am in jeans and a nice fitted t-shirt or sweater.  But my other favorite thing to wear would have to be my Bengals jersey.  So below are my 3 favorite outfits, one for going out, one for causal days, and the other for Sundays!

This dress though a little hard to see is my favorite party dress.  It is silver, a taffeta fabric, and one shoulder, the belt around the mid-section was included and ties is the back.  I love the attention to detain in the dress, and how it makes my waist look 10 times smaller!  I always get a lot of compliments when I wear this dress. 

The red light on the dress was a light up pin for my bachelorette party. 

It was bought at Torrid for $65.99

The necklace I paired with it is a thicker chain necklace with dark gray and silver colored pearls. 

The necklace was also bought at Torrid for $12.99

I always pair this dress with my favorite peep toe wedges, that have a cork base and black coarse fabric covering the feet.

I love this outfit for fall and winter... This sweater is soo cozy and warm and I love how the sleeves are longer so that I can pull them over my hands. 
The jeans I have on are a staple in my wardrobe.  They are a pair of Levi's that once belonged to my mother and I believe may be nearly as old as myself, but I LOVE them!!

I bought the sweater at Meijer suprising and loved it!  I wear it so often in the fall and winter but this is my favorite picture of me in it where you can see the detailing.

And finally my favorite Sunday outfit, and yes I have worn this to church, is a Bengals jersey.  To me it does not matter how old the jersey is or if that player is no longer playing with the Bengals, as long as it is orange and black and gets the point across it what matters to me. 

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