Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 3 A photo that makes you happy

Well I have searched for a long time today for this photo and I finally have gotten it narrowed down to 3....

Christmas is my favorite time of year and when our tree is up I become incredibly happy whenever I see it!

This pic also makes me happy because it reminds me how much fun I have with my family.  This is some, and I emphasize SOME, of my cousins.  We are at our annual holiday party which is typically only celebrated by the girls.....this night was incredible!  Can't wait for this year!

This picture also makes me very happy!  This was taken just moments after I saw BC for the first time on our wedding day!  This day was the happiest I can remember being at that point in my life.  I was finally marrying my best friend.  Now we have been married 6 months this month and I have never been more happy!

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