Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 6. Most embarassing moment

Well.....ummmm.... I am not sure what my most embarassing moment would be.  I have a few moments that I look back on and they still make me blush or laugh but as far as most embarassing I am not sure. 

So from my memory I can only think of two off of the top of my head...

   When I was much younger, I wanna say like 7 or 8 I was at my aunt and uncle's house and my mom and aunt had gone shopping that day.  My cousin, who is 2 years younger than I am, and myself had spent the day at home with her dad. Our moms came back and showed us the matching clogs (slip on felt-like mtaerial shoes, that were very in style then) they had bought us.  I was so excited I threw the shoes on and ran straight into the other room where my cousin was to show her.  I made it 2 feet into the door and fell smack on my face.  Ever since that moment my aunt and uncle have called me "Gump."  You know like Forrest Gump when he fell chasing after the truck.  Yeah apparently it looked exactly like that.

   BC and I had been dating for for a few months and we had gone to his brother's house to celebrate BC's neice's birthday.  I believe it was her 1st birthday.  Seing as how I did not know his family very well yet I was glued to BC's side.  We stayed in the kitchen with the "guys" and we, I mean they, all talked about hunting and fishing and what not.  Well while we were waiting for the chilli to get done cooking they decided they were going to try this new hot sauce BC's brother had bought.  Seeing as I LOVE spicy food I was not going to let them show me up.  SO we all tried it and it turned out I liked the spiciest hot sauce more than any of the guys did, and had no problem with it. Then once the chili was done we all remained in the kitchen while we ate.  Well I believe BC's brother's friend had said something funny and it made me laugh with a mouthful of chili and spaghetti in my mouth.  So it would figure that I swallowed a noodle and it went down the wrong hole.  The first words out of my mouth were, "I AM CHOKING ON MY NOODLE!"  Needless to say whenever I run into BC's brother or his friends 9 time out of 10 this gets brought up and especially if we are eating chili....   

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