Saturday, December 29, 2012

Organized Living

Recently I have been on a "kick" (if you should call it that) of getting my house extremely organized and clean!  

I think it may have been my brain knowing ahead of time just how much Alex would be getting for Christmas and all of the extra room I knew we were going to need, but another part of me says it was just me looking for a way to take less time to clean up! 

SO here are some things we have done around the house lately to make it more organized and clean:

We got this for our dining room around my birthday this year.   We use it to display our wedding stuff and then store wine glasses and such.  The under part stores serving trays and some of my craft supplies.

This was one of Alex's Christmas gifts, and it is perfect because it stores all of his other Christmas presents.  Yes I took my tree down already and put this in it's place.  I was sad to take it down but with my tree having had been up since the end of October (when it was delivered and I could just not justify taking it down.) but I was in desperate need to feel like we had space in our home again.

This is something we added to both bedrooms recently.  We put one up in Alex's room right next to his dresser/changing table.  It is super conveinient and does not fall over all of the time like his old hamper did.  We have two up in our room to separate lights and darks.  We had an old hamper in our room too but each side barely held a load.  And so far these have been magnificent!  It is especially fantastic for husbands like mine who do not always pick up their dirty clothes, it kind of makes it like a basketball game for him to throw his stuff into.  

This is my old vanity desk that was passed down to my sister after I moved out, and now that she has a new bedroom set I got it back, along with my other dresser.   This helps me to clear out the bathroom cabinets and medicine cabinet of all of my hair and makeup stuff.  It provides more space for towels which I think we have a trillion of.  

We bought one of these for each closet.  I like to use mine to store scarves, belts, hats and extra pillowcases in the top then tank tops, pj's, and heavy sweats the rest of the way down.  And the jumbled mess on the floor is some of my shoes, which I am looking for a nice way to store those next.  But Chris also has one in his closet.  

This is the matching dresser to my vanity desk.  The dresser we transformed into Alex's changing table used to match this also.  Whenever we get to makeover our room this will be sanded down and painted another color.  But we got another dresser for Chris, that we are borrowing for the time being, awhile back I decided I wanted to get rid of our dressers, because I was nuts.  And now that I have them back I will never get that wild hair again!

And this is an extra storage piece for Alex's room.  We used to use the bottom part for toys, but now we use it for shoes since we got the big toy box for Christmas.  So we store burp cloths, bibs, socks, belts, hats and now shoes in it.  

These are just some of the improvements we have made recently and I will be making many more to come!  

Let me know if you are interested in an update soon!

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