Monday, December 17, 2012

Show & Tell Monday's Christmas Talk

First let me start by giving you my excuse/reason for my absence.

We have been incredibly busy here, between issues at our own home and my mother falling and breaking her leg this week.  We have just barely had time to spend as a family so that was my goal for when we had 5 minutes.

SO tonight I will be working on getting all of my posts scheduled for the week so I do not even have to think about them.

1. Tell us what your favorite thing about Christmas is.

I would have to say my favorite thing about Christmas is being with ALL of my family.  It is one of the very few times of the year that we are all together, or the majority of us anyway.  It is so nice to watch each family open gifts, tell funny jokes and reminiscing about growing up and my grandpa.  It is also fun now that the kids are all growing up to share a drink with one another.  

2.  Tell us what your plans are for Christmas is this year. 

Well as of now Chris and I are both working on Christmas Day.  So for Alex Santa will be coming the morning of Christmas Eve.  Then after the Disney Parade on TV and breakfast, we will get ready, go to visit my Grandpa and Cousin's graves (they are right next to each other), then head to Chris's parents house.  They typically celebrate on Christmas Day but since we have to work we will miss it yet again!  Chris and I both worked Christmas Day last year as well.   After we finish up there we will be heading to my Mom's side of the family's celebration.  

And since Chris and I are both working Alex will spend Christmas Day with my parents and brother and sister while they spend the day at my dad's parents house with his family who have a few people who have yet to meet Alex.

3.  Show us a picture of Christmas in the past or present.

This is our Christmas card this year.  And the best part is I took it!

4.  Do you wrap all of the presents in one big box or do you like to wrap each present separately?

I prefer to wrap each present individually at Christmas, especially for little kiddos.  No matter how small it makes them think they are getting more!  Plus it makes under the tree look prettier.  

But another thing I like to do is pick a wrapping paper for each side of the family, Alex and Chris, then me.  SO they each have a different paper, making it easier to grab presents before we leave.

5.  Tell us about any traditions you or you and your family like to do.

Well each year all of the girls on my Mom's side of the family get together and do an ornament exchange.  It is kind of like a White Elephant but we stick to Christmas themed gifts.  And my mom, sister and I get together sometime before Christmas Eve and make a ton of cookies and fudge from scratch to take to the Christmas Eve party and lay out for Santa.  

Traditions Chris and I have had are mainly to sleep in, eat a big breakfast and spend as much time together before work.  And at some point we go to the Festival of Lights at the zoo.

But since we have Alex now we are looking to add more to the mix.  Some we have started already.  I plan to do something with his handprint or footprint for each holiday.  We have done Halloween and Thanksgiving, and we have some summer themed ones as well.   Another I plan to do is to take him to see Santa every year, we are going tomorrow morning!  

We will continue to go to the Festival of Lights each year.  

I also plan to take Alex to get a new ornament every year, put a tree in his room and we will decorate it with those ornaments.  

And of course once he is old enough we will start Elf on the Shelf.

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