Sunday, December 30, 2012

Super Charged Sunday Pinsperation Edition

I finally got a real shadow box to put all of Alex's newborn stuff in.  Previously I had just put into an 11x14 frame and called it a day, but as I walked by it everyday I just thought that did not do it justice.  So after I got a gift card to Michael's for Christmas I went and picked a 16x20 frame (I think).

I made this a while ago, and I probably shared it on the blog already but here it is again.  This is something else I saw on Pinterest and I plan on redoing it every year.  Alex was not to keen on his hand in paint, so it kind of looks like he has half of a thumb. 

This is something else I have seen on Pinterest that I do for each holiday.  I did a ghost and candy corn for Halloween and a turkey hand and foot for Thanksgiving.  We also did some butterflies made with both feet and a fish and a jellyfish with his hands.  

I saw this one night when I had an extra 16x20 canvas laying around and I went to work.  I freehanded the whole thing.  I would have been easier if I was not such a perfectionist.  But it took me about 20 minutes to get the B up to my "standards" and it is still not perfect but I love this way it turned out.

This was something else found on Pinterest recently.  We each dipped our feet into white paint and then I decorated them as snowmen.  I tried to decorate the scarves on the snowmen to match our stockings and tree skirt.  I think I did a pretty good job, but in the picture it is hard to see the black print I painted onto it.  

And my final one for the day is this.  I traced Alex's hand and made it into a Christmas tree glued onto a 16x20 canvas.  It was super easy, just a little time consuming.  

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