Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trust Me Tuesday Baby Registry Edition

So today I am going to start a series of Trust Me Tuesday.  Where each week I give my opinion on one topic, be it a broad topic or a specific thing.  

This week I have chosen to blog about Baby Registries.

As Mom's to be we are so excited to make the registry for our baby showers!  It is so exciting to go to the store and pick out all of the things for your future son or daughter.

NOW here is where I will get real with you.  You do not need half of the stuff they have in the store.


Coming from a Mommy on a budget, I think I know pretty well.

The less of the unnecessary items you register for the more likely you are to get your important items, and then if you get all of the important items and have extra money or gift cards you can get the luxuries.

Now here are the must haves for your registry.

A crib
Newborn Car Seat and one base for each of your cars
Next size carseat, again one for each car.
A baby carrier (I prefer Baby Bjorn over Moby, but get it used,I got my Baby Bjorn for $20 at Once upon a Child))
High chair for when they are ready for solids.
Diapers (in all sizes, you will thank me for this in the long run!)
Bottles (They will come in handy for the breastfeeding momma's also)
A baby monitor (audio is really all you need, but I will admit I recently splurged on a video monitor and it is fantastic!)
Burp Cloths (the diaper kind)
Bibs with the plastic backs

Here are the things you DO NOT need.

A wipe warmer
A bottle warmer
Toys (you can pick these up as you go, until they are about 6 months they will only collect dust)
A bouncy seat (You can put them in their car seat and make that bounce)
A walker ( they are not recommended by most doctors, anyway)
Safety items (they are usually so cheap and you don't really need them until closer to 1 year)
A fancy diaper bag.  (You don't need to spend tons of money on a diaper bag that will be filled with poopy diapers and formula or urine or vomit soaked clothes.  Go buy a backpack at Walmart (I think they may be $20, and are very easily replaceable.))
A bed set ( you really just need sheets, bumpers are not recommended and they should not be using the blanket either.)
Changing Table
Receiving Blankets (You will get inundated with these whether you register for them or not)
Clothes (You can stock up at resale shops or consignment events that way you get outfits you like, plus you will get outfits anyway)
Blankets (You will also get inundated with these)

Trust me!  You will thank me if you follow these guidelines

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