Monday, January 18, 2016

A 3.5 year Update on Alex

Ugh, I love this cutie so much!  It's so hard to believe he is 3 1/2.  He is such an incredible boy and God has surely blessed me immeasurably placing this angel in my life.  So lets get to the nitty gritty update details!

Weight - 38 lbs
Height - unsure, but has grown exponentially.
Paci - GONE! (I thought that would never happen, secretly I didn't want him to.)
Language - He is speaking in full sentences at this point.  90% of what he says is understandable, however when he is really excited or mad he goes back to speaking minion language.  There are few words he doesn't know.  But I think my favorite word he says is, disgusting.  He pronounces it, disgustating, and he knows the exactly appropriate times to say it.  
Favorite Movie - Despicable Me / Home
Favorite Toy - Pow Pows
Favorite Person - Aunt Hopey and Daw Daw
Favorite Food - Mac n Cheese or Skyline
Dislikes - Eating healthy foods, being told no, cleaning his room, helping with other chores.

Alex has developed an amazing sense of humor.  He is so funny and really tries to tell jokes, his favorite being the interrupting cow joke.  Spending days with this little boy are incredible and there are big things in store for him this year.  Looking ahead this year we have turning 4, starting preschool, maybe moving (probably not), and developing more intense bonds and friendships with all those who are in his life. 

Less than 6 months until our baby turns 4!

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