Friday, January 29, 2016

Alex's 4th Birthday Brain Dump

So right around this time every year is when I start to mentally plan out Alex's birthday party for that year.  I usually take an account of all of the things he is loving at that point.  Well this year I am having such a rough time nailing down a theme.  He is loving so many different things.  SO I will share with you all of the things Alex is loving and the themes we are contemplating for his birthday party. 

Some of these themes I feel like I have already taken out of the running simply because they annoy me but they are still in the running.

PJ Masks has become a staple!  I searched high and low for these toys before Christmas only to find out Disney is not releasing these toys until sometime in 2016.  So I ordered him a character mask for each character and a cape to go with it.  But Alex knows every word to the theme song and all of the characters names and I know he would have an absolute ball with this theme.

Minions.  I am so over Minions.  But Alex loves them!  He has a nightlight in his room that is a minion that sings to him and he will not go to sleep until that thing get turned on.  There would be so many cute Pinteresty ideas to go along with this but yellow is just not my color lol.

Another theme that Alex has been obsessed with is Spiderman. I think Spiderman would be fun however I feel like every 4 year old boy has done this theme.  So maybe this will just be something be pass on.

 Alex also loves Miles From Tomorrowland.  Merk might just be his favorite pet.  This theme is definitely in our top 3! 

And finally Star Wars.  We took Alex to the drive-in with us the night we saw The Force Awakens and he fell in love.  Everywhere we go he asks to take his lightsabers and everytime we go to a new store he says, "Mommy can we get another lightsaber?"  Having Star Wars on Netflix has been a welcomed change to our nighttime routine and Alex loves it!  I do believe this will be our pick you won't find out until I make Alex's invites!

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