Sunday, January 17, 2016

When God Shows Off Part 2

So I left off with Chris' experience after our first service at our new church.  

For the first time in forever, break out into a Frozen medley, Chris actually wanted to go back to church the next weekend. Our week was obviously different.  There was a different emotion that fell over the house. We still fought like cats and dogs but it was different.  Looking back on it now I truly believe it was God stepping in and showing himself to both Chris and I on a more real level.  Of course we both know He had always been there, but you have to be willing to accept His grace to see it.

Sunday came and we found ourselves at church again, no longer strangers but still didn't really know anyone. It became a weekly date for Chris and I.  We were able to drop Alex off in the kids ministries area and spend one on one time together learning about the Lord and growing our relationship with Him and each other.  This time with each other would become very important as we faced difficult times together over the coming weeks and would ultimately play the biggest part in the healing of our relationship.  

We spent the next few months becoming more involved in the church and began serving in the kids ministries together.  We would serve for one service and then go to the sermon for the second service. Alex was loving every minute of being at church.  He was making friends and would ask starting on Wednesday, "Mommy can we go to church today?"

As we became more involved we began to feel connected to this church.  We felt like we didn't want to miss a Sunday ever, in fact I would often go after I worked all night and it was still the best part of my week. 

It was incredible to feel attached to our church and develop relationships with people in our church and want to be back every Sunday to catch up with them and be fed by God's word.

In the winter our church held a "class" of sorts that was a "get to know the church and each other" class. It was so much fun to get to know more about our church and the foundation on which it was started, and more about the people who surround me each Sunday. This is where it was learned by church leaders my love of photography.  And from that day forward I became a part of a team permanently, I began to take photos for the church.  It is an incredible way to express my love of photography but more importantly my love for Jesus Christ.

I think this is where I will leave off for this week and we can continue next Sunday with the first time Chris and I saw a miracle in our lives and our Baptisms. 

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