Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Favorite Apps (For Moms)

 Since Monday I covered some of our favorite funtime apps for Alex I thought it would only be fitting to cover some of my favorite apps other than the expected like Facebook and Instagram.

So let's dive right in.  Since you all know I am a photographer as my side job one of my absolute favorite apps on my phone is the Lightroom app.  If you don't know Lightroom is an app you can use to edit photos.  The thing I use them for mainly is cropping and adjusting the exposure.  I think most of the Instagram filters are too muddy so I like to go into Lightroom on my phone to edit my pictures there and then upload them to social media.  It is free to download the app I believe.

One of the other apps I have had on my phone a very long time is Groove Book.  I am in love with this app!  It allows you to select 50-100 pictures monthly to be printed into a booklet with perforated pages for $4.99.  Since I am ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE at printing my own pictures this is my saving grace! It may just be the only way my family members have gotten any pictures for the last 2 years.  

 The Etsy app is one of my other most visited apps.  As you all know I am obsessed with my planner and love to put stickers in there.  Well this is where I find all of them.  Why would I get out of bed to sit at my computer when I have the ability to shop in bed, in my pajamas and in the middle of the night.  I have a lot of late night purchases that have been made that turn out to be my favorites.  But I don't just use this app to shop for me but I also shop for Alex's birthday's here. 

This next one is Weatherbug.  You may or may not know that I am absolutely terrified of thunderstorms.  One of my irrational fears is being involved in or close to tornadoes.  I am talking like panic attack and a really upset stomach.  I have had a few news station apps to keep me up to date on weather but I wind up never checking them and they don't send me alerts when there are new alerts.  So I really love this app.  I am able to personalize it to my area and tell it what alerts I want it to send me and what I don't really care to know it won't tell me. 

But ultimately my most visited app is my bible app.  I have chosen the YouVersion Bible app and I love it for a few reasons.  It lets you take notes, highlight, and has reading plans you can follow.  One of my other favorite features in this app is that you can search for a key word and it will pull up all of the verses that contain that word in it.  I love my paper bible so much more but it is so nice to be able to sit down anywhere and spend time in God's word.  

Tell me your favorite apps!  I am always looking for new ones to explore and fall in love with.

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