Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Sister

Today my little sister has set off on a plane, well really a couple of planes, for the experience of a lifetime.  I am beyond proud of her and glad that I can pay witness to her bravery, wisdom and strength.  She is truly an amazing young woman and I know she will come back to us in a few weeks even more brave, intelligent and strong.

Hope I am beyond amazed with all you have done to prepare for this trip but even more astounded as I have watched you grow in preparation for this trip.  I know your host family will be tremendously blessed to have you and I believe they will impact you more than you think.  

I know leaving can be hard, not being there can be even harder.  However in our family sometimes the best memories are the ones you experience through someone's memories.  We will be missing out on so many of your experiences as well and we can't wait to have a day to sit and listen to you and look at all of the pictures, as you share all of the memories you will make over the next few weeks.

So we pray for your safe travels and amazing experiences you will surely have.  

-Life brings you to unexpected places, love brings you home.-

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