Monday, January 25, 2016

My Favorite Apps (For Alex)

Today I thought I would spend a little time and detail some of my favorite fun apps for Alex.  We recently have been working in some new educational apps so I don't quite have favorite apps just yet.  But once I have some favorites I will share them with you.  

I just want to add a precursor that we strictly limit Alex's screen time and we closely monitor and often are sitting right next to him if he is on our phones. 

This might be my top favorite!  Especially for long car trips or doctor's appointments, which I have had so many of lately.  It sure eats up a lot of data but it is nice to have all of Alex's favorite movies on hand to avoid meltdowns, when you connect to wifi it's free and it doesn't take up a ton of space on your phone unless you actually download the movies to your phone.   We have approximately 15 movies and I still have plenty of free space on my phone.  One of the other best parts is since we have a Disney Movie Club membership when we get a new movie through the club we get a digital download and can add it to our collection.

 Alex absolutely loves this cars app.  It's extremely interactive and he loves to develop the little city and get to meet more characters from the movies. 

Minion Rush, oh Minion Rush.  Alex would literally spend all day playing this if I would let him.  We have strongly limited his phone time lately to spend more time with flashcards and "school time."  But I think what might make me more upset is that he is so much better at it than I am.

 This is another cool app that Alex is beginning to get into this one a little more.  He gets so excited when the app "talks back" to him and encourages him to interact. Sometimes if he has trouble figuring it out he will get frustrated, so it's not his favorite but he is getting more into it.

This has been a tried and true favorite for a long time.  Since we don't have cable right now this is the way Alex watches tv.  He is absolutely hooked to PJ masks and Miles of Tomorrowland.  So we let him watch 1-2 shows a day depending on if he cleans his room and if he has good behavior. 

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