Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Alex's 1st Halloween

Alex & His Halloween Adventures!

We kicked off our Halloween adventures this year by doing one of my favorite things I have seen on Pinterest, and as you can see Alex was not impressed!

Well seeing as I found I was pregnant just 3 days after Halloween last year I kind of hit the mother load for costumes.  I went shopping at Old Navy that week where they had their Halloween costumes marked down, to where they cost next to nothing.  I skimmed over it thinking maybe I will find something cute... 

Well I did!  I found the cutest cheeseburger costume!! I thought it would be the perfect first costume considering our last name is Buerger! And it was.

Every person that saw Alex in his costume would say, "Awe how cute," or "I could just eat him up!"

I had to work so Chris took Alex to a Halloween Party his sister had and I went over after work.  

Here is Alex with his GG.  I think he is thinking, "I don't know what's in that cup but I want some!"

All in all it was a great time I just wish I could have been there with him to celebrate the whole day!

However next year will be twice as nice since he will be old enough to Trick-Or-Treat and I will be able to do all sorts of crafts and make Halloween treats with him that day!

But here are a few Pinterest inspired crafts we did this year.

I realized after I had already wrote on it that the candy corn was upside down.

Until next year!

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