Friday, November 30, 2012

Super Charged Sunday's 12-2-12

Can you believe it is December!!! HOLY CRAPOLA!

Today means there are only 23 days until Christmas!

Today the Bengals are playing the Chargers at 4:25 and I plan on watching as much as I can.  I will however be wearing my Bengals scrubs and I am sure getting updates from Chris with every score.  

This week we are becoming very creative with what we have left in the fridge.  Our goal, well simply what we have to do because we are flat broke, is to use up all of the things in our fridge and freezer.  Seriously, we have so much food that has just been sitting in there because we go to the grocery and buy other food and then what we had gets pushed back.  

I can't wait to show you the recipe I have for Wednesday.  It was the very first time I ever "winged" a recipe.  It was completely a fly by the seat of my pants idea and it turned out fabulous.  Chris even told me it was better than Chipotle!  That is a BIG compliment coming from him!

Another thing I am going to try on Monday sounds good I just hope I can make it work.  (It will be another fly by the seat of my pants idea.)

While my two favorite guys wait for me at home I am counting down the hours til I am with them again!

We have a super exciting week coming up for more than one reason!  

Stay tuned!

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