Thursday, November 15, 2012

Complaints of a Crafter!

So over the last few months I have become very crafty.  I find it as a way to calm myself down and really focus on one thing at a time.  

But I have also come up with a list of complaints since I have started doing this.

It is as follows:

Why is hot glue so hot but never really leaves a burn?
(not really a complaint but makes you think?) 

Why is it so expensive at Hobby Lobby?

Why can I never find a comfortable way to sit while crafting?

I never have enough money to do all that I want.

All of the good craft shows are scheduled for the weekends I work.

I never have enough space to store my stuff!

My craft room is just not big enough!

Can't you see I am crafting here!

Everytime I go to Hobby Lobby for one thing I come back with 20!

It is always so hard to get the lid off of the mod podge!

I can never get anything done early, I always wait til the last minute!

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