Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun Tag Friday! Couch Potato Edition!

1.  If you could watch 1 TV show for the rest of your life, what would it be?

For me I would have to say Grey's Anatomy.  I can sit and watch this series time and time again.  I have seen so many repeats and I still get just as enthralled in it as the first time I ever watched it.

2.  What movie would you be caught watching if you were depressed?

I tend to just turn on the TV and zone when I am depressed or sometimes clean.  But like every girl when I am depressed I would probably watch The Notebook or The Lucky One.

3.  During the winter what kind of pj's would you bundle up in?

I love the flannel pj pants from Old Navy that come out around Thanksgiving.  They are so warm.  I usually pair them with a tank top, a hoodie and fuzzy socks.  Then when I crawl into bed I take the hoodie and socks off.

4.  Given the choice would you say you have a sweet tooth or a salty one?

I think I would say salty.  My go to snack while being lazy is some potato chips or popcorn.

5.  Which snack would make you smile by just looking at it?

Umm maybe mint chocolate chips cookies.

6.  Would you rather be curled up on the couch or outside soaking up the sun?

Probably lounging outside by the pool.

7.  If you were to get a text message right now, who would it most likely be?

99% sure it would be Chris.

8.  Are you into Reality or Drama TV? 

Probably more so Drama.  I think one of the few reality shows I watch is Big Brother.  And I consider the shows that follow around celebrities are more so drama. 

9.  What one person would you invite to come cuddle up and watch movies all day?

This question is not fair!  I would invite Chris and Alex.  Since Chris and I made Alex out of half Chris and half me, he does not count for another person in my eyes.  That and he is always with me if I am home. 

10.  What is your favorite hot drink in the winter?

Coffee!  I like french vanilla caramel.

11.  Do you prefer the blazing sun or the freezing snow?

I am 100% indifferent.  So long as there is shade in the summer and a warm place to go in the winter.  

12.  When getting on the computer which website do you visit first? and then blogger!


  1. Love this post..Vanilla caramel is the best!

    Lot's of bloggy love from:

  2. It is my favorite way to get the day started! Sipping on some as I type!