Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Controversial Parenting & My Thoughts

Controversial Parenting & My Thoughts

*DISCLAIMER: Each parent makes choices for their children based on their own beliefs and education.  I have my opinions you have yours.  I respect yours and I expect you to respect mine.

I have seen this tag all over YouTube and some of the blogs I follow and it is driving me nuts!! I figure I'll do it and then maybe it will be done and over with!

So here are my thoughts and stance on the topics listed:

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice:  I am 100% Pro-Life.  However like most others I believe it to be a grey area when rape and young children are involved. 

Baby Wearing:  I LOVE baby wearing.  I believe it helps to build a bond between you and your child especially when they were unable to breastfeed like in our situation.  It is also so much more convenient than lugging around a stroller.  It at times can make my back hurt but with some readjustment the pain disappears.

 Circumcision:  In our family circumcision was for us.  Being a nurse I chose to research heavily the pros and cons, reflect on my history in my nursing career and speak very much in depth with Alex's pediatrician and it was done.  It was an educated decision and thought very hard upon.                      END OF STORY.

Adoption:  I think adoption is an AMAZING thing.  It provides an opportunity for those who cannot conceive on their own the gift of life.  And for those who can understand they cannot provide an adequate life for the child and choose adoption I think they are incredibly strong and I consider them role models for our society.

Baby Piercing:  In my family we wait until the child is old enough to ask for them.  I am pretty sure I was in preschool before I had mine pierced.  I am not against it by any means but I want my child to ask for them, especially since I hated mine at times. (Even though I made the decision on my own.)

Breast Milk vs. Formula:  I know and understand breast is best.  And Alex and I gave it a try.  I met with several lactation consultants and spoke with my doctor for tips.  Alex simply had a horrible latch even with a nipple shield.  I pumped for awhile but my milk dried up and we had to resort to formula.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't wish Alex would have been able to latch better.  

But frankly I am tired of the dirty looks I get when I am out and pull out my formula container to make a bottle for my son. We gave it a shot, and it did not work.  

Spanking:  I am 50-50 on this topic.  I was spanked growing up and I believe it helped in teaching me right from wrong.  However it also put a great fear of my elders within me.  So which is better?  Seeing as Alex is not quite to this age yet I have a while longer to make a decision.  But I do believe I will use spanking as an absolute last resort.  Which I think is how my family used it as well.  I think speaking with the child on a level they will understand and telling them why what they did was wrong is always what should be done first, then time out and if need be then I may spank.

Co-Sleeping:  As much as I said I would never co-sleep and preached how dangerous it is, alas, it is one of the few things that works for us.  I have lost count of how many times I have put Alex into his crib when he is tired or asleep and the second he gets put down he is awake and screaming.  It breaks my heart to hear it so we just deal.  We have tried pillows under his sheets, putting beans in a glove and placing it on him, swaddlers, and so much more.  NONE OF THEM WORK!  However I am willing to take your advice.

Home vs. Public vs. Private vs. Charter Schooling:  I would love for Alex to go to a parochial school which I think is considered private schooling but I know we would never be able to afford it.  So we will pick the best public school for our children when the time comes. 

Vaccinations:  We are choosing to fully vaccinate per our doctors schedule which is a little delayed  compared to the national recommendations.

Medicating Children:  I believe that if educated and done properly medicating children is OK.  I think it becomes a problem when parents don't read the directions or consult with their doctor before administration.  

Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers:  I am indifferent on the matter.  However we use disposables for Alex and are quite satisfied.  Alex has had one diaper rash and it was due to an allergy to the diaper.  

Cry It Out Method:  I must admit I have tried but sometimes I cry harder than he does just listening to him.  So no, I will not be trying it again.  

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