Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Mommy Tag

New Mommy Tag

1. What do you wish someone told you about pregnancy?

Well considering pregnancy was not the plan, I was not "researching" or polling others on what I should and should not do.  But I would have to say I wish someone would have told me not to wish time away!  Now I really miss him being inside of me, kicking and rolling.

2.  What do you wish someone would have told you about Labor & Delivery?

I honestly cannot think of an answer for this.  Being a nurse, I knew the general procedures for L&D and that I also need to be my own advocate and let my caretakers know when I am uncomfortable or do not like something.

3.  What did you feel when you delivered, emotionally and physically?

The feelings going through my head after Alex was delivered are indescribable.  It was such an amazing feeling and sound to hear him crying and see him in my husbands arms.  Physically I felt doped up!  

4.  How long after delivery did it take you to feel normal physically again?

Well I still do not feel normal, since I have the jaws of a dog hanging on my belly, but in all other aspects I would say probably once I hit the 2 month postpartum mark.

5.  What is the best thing about being a new mom?

Watching Alex grow and change daily.  It is also so amazing to see the bond he is already forming with my husband.

6.  What is the most unexpected thing about being a new mom?

The extreme guilt about each choice you make for your child.

7.  Do you miss being pregnant? 

Yes and no.  There was a really miraculous few weeks where I was not swollen or sick and I miss that part. (And the kicks and hiccups :))

8.  How many kids do you want?  How do you want them spaced out and why?

Chris and I would like 2 or 3 kids.  Since Alex was born I have had a Mirena inserted.  As of right now or plan is to "re-evaluate" things in 5 years and then MAYBE start trying again.  But our answer to everyone who asks is, "When Alex can ask for a brother or sister."  And we want to space them like this for the sake of our financials.

9.  Is it hard seeing how fast they grow and how do you handle it?

It is very hard watching him grow so fast.  When I work over the weekend, like I did this weekend, I come home on Sunday nights and he looks like a totally different baby.  It is so hard to know he is changing right in front of my eyes.  But I just make sure I take A TON pictures so I never forget what he was like at this stage.

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