Sunday, November 25, 2012

Super Charged Sunday

I would like to say I got a lot done today, but I really didn't.  

I got some presents wrapped and under the tree.  I started making another gift today and I visited my parents where I picked up some ornaments for my friends who just bought a house.

And then Alex and I were lazy the rest of the day.

Since the Bengals were not on TV, of course I could not watch them I did however listen as much as Alex would let me.  They crushed the Raiders and that only makes me that much happier since that is the team Carson Palmer went to.

I am slowly in the process of decorating each room for Christmas.  I have found that my "style" if you want to call it that has changed a lot since Chris and I (I should say I), began our Christmas decoration collection. I have become pretty simplistic and wanting "order and matching" if that makes any sense.  We have a lot of ornaments that I have collected while growing up and they decorate our tree, but I walk into Hobby Lobby or see trees on Pinterest that have "themes" or stick to a set "color combo" and I drool over them. 

I think I am going to try and do a silver and red theme on the tree.  I found stockings at Kohl's on Saturday that I love.  They are a black red and white plaid with initials on them.  I LOVE THEM!

I think the red and silver theme would go perfectly with this.

I got 2 C's and 1 A.  Chris, Caity and Alex.  Then of course I got a Baby's 1st Christmas for Alex.  

So my project for tomorrow will of course be to decorate the tree and sob as I take down my childhood ornaments.  Maybe I will look for a tree to put in Alex's room sometime after Christmas to put all of those on next year.

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