Saturday, November 10, 2012

Finally Catching On...

It has recently caught on with Chris and I some of the changes we need to make in our family.

The first and foremost being. how we spend money.

Chris and I are not what i would call frivolous spenders but our paycheck is usually gone pretty quick not really giving us much opportunity to save.  

Thinking it over together we have decided to make some cut backs.  

1.  Removing one cable box from our home.
2.  Stop eating fast food and limit our out to eat meals to once a month or once every other. 
3.  Limit trips in the car.
4.   Not go shopping.
5.  Make more meals at home.
6. Get rid of Netflix.
7.  Pack our lunches.
8.  Make more meals at home.

Now we know this is not going to be an easy feat for us, but we will make it work.  For Chris to eat lunch at his work over a two week period is close to $100.  That is just outrageous.  For me I can get 10 meal tickets (10 days of work) for $30.

As far as Netflix goes Chris is the main person who watches it.  There are never any movies on it that I like.

The shopping is a big problem of  mine.  I need to teach myself more self restraint.  It really is so easy for me to walk past an aisle of baby things and pick up at least one thing for Alex and I really need to stop. 

Limiting trips in the car is not just to save on gas but it also helps the environment.

Chris and I gave up fast food while he was in the police academy and we both agree it was the best we ever felt.  On average we collectively stop two or three times a week.  This will also save us a great deal of money.

We are choosing to take the cable box out of our bedroom simply because we do not watch TV in there anyways.  There really is no point in even having the TV in there.  

It takes 30 days to make a habit.  

This is going to be a rough 30 days.

Wanna join us in cutting back and maybe getting a little healthier?

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