Monday, November 26, 2012

Mommy Must Have Mondays

Must Haves For Baby:

We absolutely LOVE this Bright Starts Play Mat.  Alex will lay and play on this thing for a long time!  However I am afraid we will have to retire it soon since he is now able to pull the hanging toys so hard that he pulls one whole side of the mat up off the floor.

However it is soo fun to watch him cross his eyes and then focus on the toys and then work his fingers around them.  I will say this has tremendously helped his hand eye coordination.  

I also like the mat without the toy bars connected.  It is much softer, softer and in my opinion safer than the carpet.  

In my opinion this is a definite MUST HAVE!

Mommy Must Have

Every Mommy needs a little "Pinspiration"

This picture of the tree is just that for me.  I talked a little bit in my post yesterday about drooling over
"themed" trees and this is one of the main reasons why!  How beautiful is this tree?!?

I will be working on creating this masterpiece over the next few days, and really up until Christmas.  My plan is to keep all of our ornaments that are red or white, or mainly those colors and then adding the red and silver "balls" ornaments.  (Non-shatter proof) If I find any ribbon I like I may add some bows and such, but mainly I am just looking for simplicity and prettiness.  I will shop for more pieces after Christmas for next year.

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