Friday, November 9, 2012

Fun Tag Friday's

Mommy Tag

1.  Are you a SAHM or working mom?

I like to think of myself as both.  I work three days a week and I am home with Alex the other four.  So I have the best of both worlds.

2.  Would you have it any other way?

I take it that this question is referencing question 1 and my answer is no.  I find that the three days I work make me a more devoted Mommy when Alex and I can spend time together. 

3.  Do you co-sleep?

Simply put, yes... and I only like it most nights.  The others I miss being able to move in my own bed!

4.  One must have gear for baby?


5.  How many kids do you plan on having?

That is Alex's  We truthfully have no idea.  That decision will  be based on our financial status and whenever Alex can ask for a brother or sister.

6.  Date Night?  How many date nights (or days) per month?

Ummmm..... Maybe one every other month?  But we are working on changing this.

7.  Your child's favorite show?

Considering he is only 4 months we don't watch too much TV he mainly just likes the colors.

8.  Name 1 thing you bought before you had your baby and never ended up using.

An over the shoulder diaper bag.  We immediately switched to a backpack.

9.  Your child's favorite food?

He seems to gobble up sweet potatoes.

10.  How many car's does your family have?


11. Weight gain before, during and after pregnancy?

Before I was pretty stable, during 35 lbs, and after I am down 45 lbs.

12.  Dream vacation with the kiddos?

Disneyland for Christmas and New Years

13.  Dream Vacation without the kiddos?

Some beach somewhere.

14.  How has your life changed since baby has been born?

A lot less comfy sleep and a whole lot more stress.

15.  Finish this sentence:  "It makes my heart melt to see....."
 Alex smile at me while I sing to him.

16. Where do you shop for you kids?

Mainly consignment shops or outlet malls.

17.  Favorite makeup and skin care products?

Umm I really don't wear make up.... like ever.  And I love clean and clear blackhead eraser scrub.

18.  Huggies diaper jeans:  yay or nay?

Yay if Alex was not allergic

19.  Have you always wanted kids?

Yes but much later in life. 

20.  Best part about being a mom?

The smiles and laughs your baby gives you.

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